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Our collection dedicated to the memory of Chandy, the sadly long gone British brand of lemonade shandy from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s  

People have certainly been known to build collections out of Babycham promotional items or Guiness or Coca-Cola items (all of which have their own sub-categories on eBay) - we've just gone a bit more obscure by collecting items relating to the long gone brand of shandy, Chandy - the drink for thirsty drivers!


We have Chandy beer mats; Chandy bottle labels; lions and more lions; Chandy adverts; Chandy ashtrays; Chandy bar towels; Chandy beer trays; Chandy mobile phone covers and a lot more. Explore all items 

We think we might have the world's leading collection of Chandy items, quite possibly because we have the world's only collection of Chandy items, but do let us know if not. Contact us 


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Latest site update: New curator's blog post 1st January 2018 here

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