Chandy "horse brasses"

We are very pleased to have these extremely rare heavy cardboard Chandy promotional "horse brasses" in our collection. They were produced as a promotional item intended to be displayed in pubs as though they were real horse brasses, and date from around 1964. (We can see a set of them pictured in the background in the 1964 Chandy advert that appeared in Showtime magazine.)

7hb 2hb 4hb 1hb 3hb 6hb 5hb hb instructions

The illustrations shown on the left appear on the reverse of the seventh 'Chandy lion' horse brass to suggest ways for the horse brasses to be displayed, along with the following instructions:


Chandy Horse Brasses make a fine display wherever you put them. We suggest you try them on a beam, on the edge of a shelf, on a mantelpiece, or the panelling round the chimney piece. Seven tacks - seven taps - and just hook them on!