'Make my shandy Chandy' / 'For shandy say Chandy'

We believe this campaign was the last hurrah for Chandy advertising, before the brand disappeared in the mid-1970s. The campaign replaced the colour of orange associated with Chandy in most previous promotions with black, red and yellow and adopted the twin slogans of “for shandy say Chandy” and “make my shandy Chandy”.


“For shandy say Chandy” appeared on beer mats and stickers, whilst “make my shandy Chandy” appeared on ash trays and bar towels.


Why two slogans when one would have done?  We'll probably never know, but Chandy was after all never short of different slogans. We’ve found examples of all of the following being used at the same or different times:


  • The Thirst Quencher

  • Any Day Anywhere

  • It's Heavenly Try Some

  • The Original and Genuine

  • The Original Chandy

  • Drink Chandy

  • Choose Chandy

  • Chandy - a Drink for All Ages

  • Chandy Britain's Own Wonder Refresher

  • The Finest Thirst Quencher

  • The Finest Thirst Quencher in Any Bottle

  • The Finest Thirst Quencher in Any Can

  • The Finest Thirst Quencher in Any Bottle or Can

  • The Safe Drink for Thirsty Drivers

  • The Drink for Thirsty Drivers

  • Chandy Cheers

  • Cheers for Chandy

  • One ... for the Road!

  • Drunk ... Often!

  • Thirst ... Quenched!

  • The Family Drink – All the Family Drink

  • Don't Take a Chance - Take a Chandy

  • Drink Chandy Drive

  • Ch Ch Chandy - The Thirst Two Letters Are Important

  • The Handy Shandy


        ... and finally

  • For Shandy Say Chandy, and

  • Make My Shandy Chandy

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