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Bottle up!

By Lewis, Jul 30 2017 05:43PM

We’re delighted to have heard from Lucy Hay and Reef Elgie who have a hobby of bottle hunting in the countryside near where they live, and got in touch with us over one particular bottle find they recently unearthed. Yes – you guessed it – it’s a Chandy bottle, which has somehow survived buried for fifty-plus years. It’s a remarkable find and we’re very grateful to Lucy and Reef for getting in touch and enabling us to acquire it to preserve for posterity in the Chandy Museum collection.

The bottle, like the other Chandy bottle of a similar vintage we already had (see here), has its label printed directly onto the bottle. (Of course, had it had a paper label that wouldn’t have survived the elements and we’d never know it as a Chandy bottle!)

However, it’s not the same as the bottle we already had - the bottle-hunt-find bottle has a couple of differences including a different address on it (London rather than Chislehurst). The bottle’s directly-printed label has worn and faded a little over the years, but most of its wording can still be made out. It's a great find.

More details and pictures can be found on the 1950s Chandy Bottle (now Bottles) page which I’ve updated today - here. Take a look

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