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Lewis Williams



The heavenly sign!

By Lewis, Jul 9 2017 03:19PM

This post brings you the last in the series of overdue updates for the Chandy Museum site, and it concerns what is definitely one of the largest, rarest and most impressive items we now have in the collection: an original 1950s Chandy “It’s Heavenly - try some” tin advertising sign. Huge thanks go to Rob Shaw for enabling us to acquire this.

Needless to say, this rather special item warrants its own page on the site, which I’ve now created and which can be found here. Do take a look.

With this, the Chandy Museum site is now fully up to date for the first time in nearly a year! I’ll try and keep it that way, with additions made whenever new items are acquired, of which we hope there’ll be more to come very soon.

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