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Lewis Williams



By Lewis, May 6 2017 11:12AM

It was less than a month ago that I updated the site with news of a new picture of a Chandy van, and guess what? - we’ve just acquired another one!

This new picture, like the others, features a Chandy delivery van from London in the 1950s but, unlike the others, features a different model of vehicle. We’re not sure what manufacturer/model the vehicle in this picture is. We’re pretty sure it’s not a Seddon like the others; is it a Bedford possibly? If you call tell us what it is, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

The addition of this picture (which like the others we have as a hard copy photograph) has meant that Chandy van pictures have outgrown their inclusion on the Chandy ephemera page. Therefore, I’ve created a new page here devoted to Chandy van pictures.

Another collection update to follow next weekend.

By Lewis, Apr 30 2017 10:43AM

This weekend’s update concerns another super-rare item new to the museum’s collection. We’ve never seen another one of these Chandy promotional bottle openers before (and we’ve been searching for Chandy items for about four years now!)

We believe it dates from the mid-1960s and is actually a combined bottle and can opener. More details on the new page I’ve created for it here: 1960s Chandy bottle opener

Two more updates to follow (next weekend and the next?) and items in the collection will be all up to date. Stay tuned!

By Lewis, Apr 16 2017 11:12AM

With huge thanks to Nigel Watts for donating this great item to the museum, this week's update concerns one of the largest, most substantial and highly-prized pieces now in our collection, a wooden Chandy bottle crate.

We believe it dates from the 1950s and would have been used to carry 24 bottles of Chandy . It's also in great condition for its age.

Further details can be found here on the new page I've created dedicated to the crate:

Yet another update to follow next weekend!

By Lewis, Apr 9 2017 01:51PM

For this weekend’s update, it’s time for one that’s been long overdue. (There’s one or two still to follow like that too.)

This week’s update concerns a photo of a Chandy van we acquired at some point last year. Not that exciting, you might think, as we already had a similar picture in the collection; but the interesting thing (to us) about the new photo is that it depicts a Chandy van similar to the one in the photo we had, but with a different registration number - meaning there probably was a small fleet of identical Chandy delivery vans running around the streets of London in the 1950s.

Both pictures (of OYL 399 and OYL400) are shown below, and I’ve updated the Chandy ephemera page here (scroll down to the bottom of the page) to reflect the new acquisition.

Yet another update next weekend, all being well!

By Lewis, Apr 1 2017 02:47PM

We're delighted to announce the addition of six new Chandy bottle tops to the museum's collection, each one 40+ years old and authentically having been used to keep bottles of Chandy sealed. These Chandy crown bottle tops are also extremely hard to find - we literally looked for years to find our first one, and eight of the nine we now have all come from the hands of the same collector who collected them himself back in the 1970s.

I've updated the Chandy bottle caps page here to reflect the new addition.

Another update next weekend - again, I know I'm spoiling you!

By Lewis, Mar 26 2017 05:50PM

Don’t panic. The Chandy Museum hasn’t been defeated, but we have discovered there’s some film footage that shows a Chandy billboard advert near Waterloo Station in 1970. See the image below.

To celebrate this discovery - I’ve created a new features page “Chandy on screen” to round up all four of the obscure sightings of Chandy items in film and TV. The page also includes an image of what the scene below looks like today - a lot has changed!

The new page can be found here.

Another update next weekend. (I know, I'm spoiling you!)

By Lewis, Mar 25 2017 10:17AM

The Chandy Lion you see pictured below was recently spotted for sale on eBay.

Was it issued by Chandy to commemorate the 1966 World Cup or was it rather a piece of folk-art - with somebody (probably in 1966) adding a plastic football to their Chandy Lion?

We think probably the latter, and we didn't bid to win the lion - a decision we'll really regret If it turns out we're wrong!

If you can shed any light on the mystery World Cup 1966 Chandy Lion, we'd love to hear from you.

By Lewis, Mar 19 2017 03:42PM

Thinking about it, there was always one glaring omission to our little Chandy Museum - that despite us having what is now well over 100 different Chandy items, we didn’t have any actual Chandy!

All that’s now changed - with huge thanks to Diane Stringer for (a) thinking to get in touch with us, and (b) not pouring it down the sink, we are the proud owners of a 1970s bottle of Chandy complete with its original contents. Yes, we have Chandy! We are never going to drink it or open the bottle - that would be sacrilege, not to mention not being a very safe thing to do (in terms of tasting it)! But yes, we have Chandy - at last, and we’re very pleased with this acquisition, despite the slight damage the bottle label has acquired at some point over the past 40 plus years.

I haven’t hesitated to add a new page to the ‘Items in the Collection’ section dedicated to this new acquisition: here

PS. I have five more Chandy site updates to do. I will try my best to do one each weekend from now on until I’ve caught up.

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