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1970s Chandy bottle and contents 


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Thinking about it, there was always one glaring omission to our little Chandy Museum - that despite us having what is now well over 100 different Chandy items, we didn’t have any actual Chandy!


All that’s now changed (in March 2017) - with huge thanks to Diane Stringer for (a) thinking to get in touch with us, and (b) not pouring it down the sink, we are the proud owners of a 1970s bottle of Chandy complete with its original contents. Yes, we have Chandy! We are never going to drink it or open the bottle - that would be sacrilege, not to mention not being a very safe thing to do (in terms of tasting it)! But yes, we have Chandy - at last, and we’re very pleased with this acquisition, despite the slight damage the bottle label has acquired at some point over the past 40 plus years.


The bottle carries a label that is actually a slightly different variant to those we have in the collection (see the labels page here) but a bottle top that is the same as two of the bottle tops in the collection (see the bottle tops page here). The bottle itself carries the word 'USHER' embossed on its base. We think this means the bottle that houses the Chandy was one originally from the now-defunct brewery Ushers of Trowbridge.


The small photo gallery below shows photos of the full bottle variously pictured on its own to show details, with the empty 1950s Chandy bottle we already had in the collection (see here) and with a Chandy lion. Click on any of the images to see it full size, and use the left and right arrows to scroll through the pictures in the gallery.

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