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Chandy 1970 trade marks discovered online 

In our continuing efforts to discover all things Chandy, and putting aside all fears of the pointlessness of all this, we are proud to present the discovery online of two trade marks which were registered for Chandy in 1970. These can be found on the Intellectual Property Office website ( by searching for trade marks containing the word 'Chandy'. Both of the trade marks are, in the parlence of the Intellectual Property Office, 'dead', although both were renewed as recently as 1991. Perhaps Whitbread were entertaining the possibility of reintroducing Chandy in the 1990s! In the event, the trade marks were transferred from Whitbread to Britvic Soft Drinks in 1995, who allowed them to expire in 2005.


Trade mark UK00000953884, which was originally filed on 20th January 1970, is the image of the Chandy lion as shown on this page. Clearly the line drawing submitted to register the trade mark was based on the Chandy lion bottle topper (or 'baby Chandy lion'). Trade mark UK0000953155, which was originally filed on 2nd January 1970, was, on the other hand, intended to protect  the Chandy bottle label design.


The trade mark drawing submitted is shown here next to the actual Chandy bottle label of the time. For some strange reason the word Chandy appears much smaller on the trade mark drawing than it did on the actual bottle label.


The Intellectual Property Office records that Chandy was 'a mixture of lemonade and beer', but that neither trade mark grants exclusive use of the word 'Chandy'. And now that the trade marks are dead there would presumably be nothing to stop us, say, making reproduction Chandy lion bottle toppers in the unlikely event that there was a demand for them!

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