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According to The Advertising Archives (a London-based picture library and museum with a collection extending to a million items) this was a 1950s magazine advert. However by the time we contacted them, they had already sold their original copy of it and informed us that unfortunately they didn't keep records that would be able to tell us which magazine it was taken from. So, we know it's a magazine advert, but we don't know which magazine or magazines it appeared in. If you know where it appeared in print in the 1950s or can help us obtain an original copy of it, then we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us.


The same image is, of course, a familiar one to us as it forms the basis for the currently available items commemorating Chandy - the postcard and coaster from the Robert Opie collection here, all Chandy mobile phone covers here and all Chandy tablet covers here.


According to the Robert Opie collection (the collection behind the superb Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in London's Notting Hill) the image was also used on a 1950s showcard (a stand up cardboard display) - another item we'd love to hear from you about if you can help us obtain one.

This advert, which we do have an original copy of, appeared in the programme for the Westover Ice Rink, Bournemouth's production of Queen of Hearts on Ice in the mid-1950s.


The advert and its discovery are covered in more detail on a separate page here.



Chandy print adverts - 1950s

We are only aware of two Chandy print adverts from the 1950s, one of which we have it on good authority was a magazine advert (but we don't know which magazine or magazines it was in), the other of which appeared in a very obscure ice-skating event programme booklet. Click on the images to see the adverts full size.

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