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Chandy bar towels

Chandy appears to have been advertised on a total of three different bar towels, all from the early 1970s. (We are fairly sure there were only ever three different Chandy bar towels, because we've referred to the website of Bob Begley, who has the Guiness World Record for the largest collection of bar towels, an amazing 5,000 plus different ones. If there were other Chandy bar towels, we're sure he'd have them in his collection.)


We now have examples of all three Chandy bar towels in our collection, having acquired the "Ask for a bottle of Chandy ..." towel shown on the left since the launch of the Chandy Museum website. This towel is made of a tea towel like fabric, rather than the more usual terry toweling, which the other two towels pictured below are made from.

tttl towel
mmsc towel

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