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Any actual Chandy bottles or cans

We're always on the look out for any actual Chandy bottles or cans, empty or full ... but especially a can like the one below. We really really really want a can like this. The one pictured in the gallery below sold on eBay in 2013 and we missed out (just).


The can pictured in the gallery is from the mid-1960s and is what’s known as a “flat-top”, meaning it pre-dates the introduction of the ring-pull to UK drink cans and required an opener to punch holes in can’s lid before the contents could be drunk. 

We’ve seen this mid-1960s leaflet for sale (see the two images in the gallery on the right), but with Paul McCartney’s autograph on it, which fact somewhat increased the price the seller was asking to more than £1,000!


We will pay top prices for any Chandy items we don’t have, but perhaps not that much.

We love the lengths the Chandy sales team were willing to go to to try and sell more Chandy, though. The leaflet attempts to sell Chandy as a mixer. We love the picture of a dimpled half pint glass of Chandy with a load of fruit stuck in the top of it. We can make out the following from the leaflet, all of which drinks sound delightful:

OK, we know this list is getting more and more unlikely, but we do know from the advert detail shown here from an event at Silverstone in 1971 that for some reason they made Chandy crisps that were available “in delicious flavours”. We don’t really understand why, and presumably those delicious flavours didn’t include Chandy flavoured crisps, but you never know ...


Our wants list

This is our list of Chandy items we know exist (or have existed), but which we don't have. We'd love to hear from you if you can help us acquire any of these items. Contact us


The list is in two parts:


Any label variants we don't have

We know of at least one label variant (as pictured on the left) that we don’t have, which sold on eBay in 2012 and we missed out on. Unfortunately we don’t have a higher resolution image, but we believe that the label is a narrower version variant of a label which we do have and that the wording on the labels reads:





with writing up the left hand side of the oval reading “The Chandy Bottling Company” and the right hand side, “52 Chiswell St, London E.C.1”

label x

Leaflet "Cheers for Chandy The family drink all the family drink"/"Chandy The Mixer"

Customers and bar stewards often tell Chandy representatives about the delicious drinks that can be made by mixing Chandy with other drinks. A selection of these are printed in this leaflet. Perhaps you have one or two interesting ideas for Chandy [cocktails?] – why not try them, too!



Pour [text indecipherable]  2 cherries on a stick[?] and finally decorate with a sprig of mint.



Pour one measure of gin or rum into a cocktail glass and top up with cool Chandy. Add a twist of lemon.



Pour a double measure of whisky into a whisky glass and pour a bottle of Chandy into a tumbler. Drink the whisky first and chase it with the Chandy.



A swinging kind of drink: Pour a measure of gin or vodka into a tumbler. Top with cool Chandy. Add broken ice.


A sales display rack for Chandy bottles

1950s advertising showcard


Chandy crisp packets empty or full!

bottle rack

This is something we think we can see pictured in the 1964 Showtime advert (detail from that advert on the left). We suppose it’s just possible that one or two of these might have survived.


The stand-up cardboard showcard with the 1950s Chandy advertising image that is used on the Robert Opie postcard and coaster (known to exist from the Robert Opie collection)


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