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1971 Chandy cycle race winner's jersey and sash

These two items are at the time of writing (September 2015) the latest and certainly the greatest so far of all the exhibits we have at the Chandy Museum, and we are forever indebted to Denis Mitchell for contacting us and enabling us to acquire them.


Denis was the winner of the Chandy-sponsored cycle race held in Edinburgh in 1971.


We know that Chandy sponsored a total of five different cycle races in 1971, held in Morecambe, Edinburgh, Harworth, Herne Bay and Sheffield. This makes it likely that only a handful of winners' sashes and jerseys like the ones we now own were ever produced. It is anybody's guess whether any others survive, but I think it can safely be said that these items are ultra-rarities. The top, or jersey, carries the wording "Chandy RACE LEADER" front and back, making it the Chandy cycle race's equivalent of the Tour de France's yellow jersey. The gold braided winner's sash carries the wording "1971 WINNER Chandy TWO DAY ROAD RACE".


The record of Denis's victory in the 1971 Edinburgh race is recorded on the internet here on along with the names of the individual stage winners of the two day road bicycle race.    


Below there's a small gallery of pictures of the jersey and sash - we really are proud to own these items! (Click on any of the pictures in the gallery to see the full size image and then use the left/right arrows to scroll through the gallery.)

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