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Chandy lion puzzle

One of the rarest items in our collection is this 1960s three-piece Chandy card puzzle complete with its original "With the compliments of Chandy" envelope.


The instructions read "Mount the two girls on the two lions, without bending, cutting or mutilating the cards in any way. It can be done, try it!!"


It took us quite a while to work it out, but the solution is shown below.

Scan10071 - Copy

The trick of the puzzle is to fool you into thinking that the lion pieces must be of two separate lions ..... but in the solution they are not.


To solve the puzzle the two lion pieces need to be arranged as shown on the left.


Then the two girls piece is laid on top as shown below to complete the picture.

Scan10071 - Copy
Scan10071 - Copy (2)


Note: Unfortunately the mobile version of this site will not display the solution - to see the solution please refer to the standard version of this site on PC or tablet.

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