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Chandy tube advert

Going Underground - A vintage Chandy tube train advert

Although it's slightly truncated in the picture, we know  the headline on the advert reads "How to blow up the old bag and get away with it" (the old bag being the breathalyser, of course). The rest of the advert reads "Is the breathalyser ruining your social life? Not when there's Chandy handy. It's the refreshing drink for the driver in the party. Ask for a bottle of Chandy with a 'Ch' (not a 'sh'). Don't take a chance - take a Chandy"

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Just when we thought we'd found everything we possibly could out about Chandy from every corner of the internet, we discovered this picture (taken by Martin Deutsch and found here on Flickr).


It shows a vintage Chandy advert on an old London Underground tube train that lives hidden away from the public at the London Transport Museum's Acton depot, but very occasionally, it appears, gets special outings like the one on 5th August 2009 when this photo was taken.  


Looking at the label on the Chandy bottle and at the primitve looking breathalyser shown in the advert, we would date the advert to around 1968-1970. It certainly can't date from any earlier than October 1967 as that was when the breathalyser was first introduced in the UK and, always assuming that Chandy showed their then current bottle label design on the advert, it can't be much later than 1970 or a different label design would have been shown. (See the labels page here.)  

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