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Chandy delivery van pictures

We now have in our collection three (and counting!) hard copy photographs of Chandy delivery vans. These are photgraphic reprints of pictures originally taken in the 1950s. Click on any of the images below to see it full size.

The Chandy delivery van in this photo is also a 1950s Seddon Diesel 25 but, as eagle-eyed readers will spot, it is not the same van as the one in the first photograph. This photo shows a Chandy delivery van with the registration number OYL 400; whereas the van pictured above has the registration OYL 399. Also the van in the new photo has "S.6." on its wing; whereas the first van has "S.5." - does this mean there was a fleet of at least six identical Chandy delivery vans driving around in London in the 1950s? We can only wonder.

The Chandy delivery van in this photo is a 1950s Seddon Diesel 25. The livery reads "DRINK Chandy", "The original and genuine", "S.5." and "PHONE IMP. 2771'2". The "IMP" in the phone number refers to the telephone exchange Imperial, which served the Chislehurst and Bickley areas of London in the 1950s in the days before all-figure dialling.  


The van's registration number, OYL 399, doesn't tell us very much other than that the van was, unsurprisingly, registered in London (the letters YL in the registration indicating this). Letters indicating date of registration were not incorporated into UK number plates until the 1960s.

The Chandy delivery van in this photo is clearly of a different type to the ones above, both in terms of it being open-sided and in terms of the model and manufacturer. We think this one might be a Bedford, but we don't know. If you can tell us the manufacturer or model of the van, we'd be very pleased to hear from you. Contact us.


The registration number, like the ones above, tells us the vehicle was registered in London, as this time denoted by the letters XF.

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