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Although the advert is fairly basic and only a few words long, it does reveal some Chandy advertising slogans we've not found used elsewhere ("Choose Chandy", "Chandy - a drink for all ages" and "Chandy Britain's own wonder refresher") as well as a Chandy sales office addresss we'd not seen before.


As to what that "International Gold Medal" from 1953 was for exactly, or who it was awarded by, these things will likely forever remain a mystery.


Michael House, Chiswell Street (the Chandy sales office address given in the advert), on the other hand, does definitely exist to this day at 35 Chiswell Street and is distinct from number 52 Chiswell Street, the old Whitbread brewery site and the usual address given for the Chandy Bottling Company. Michael House is today home to various occupants including a dentists, none of them having anything to do with selling Chandy - but who knows, perhaps the ghosts of Chandy Lions prowl the corridors there to this day!?


Choose Chandy - a newly discovered ultra-obscure 1950s Chandy print advert

With a huge debt of thanks to Alwyn Ladell not only for permission to use the image from his Flickr account here, but also for donating his spare copy of the programme that contains this advert to the Chandy Museum, we are proud to present the discovery of this ultra-obscure Chandy print advert from the 1950s.


It appeared in the programme (as pictured below) for the Westover Ice Rink, Bournemouth's production of the "gay skating fantasy", Queen of Hearts on Ice. The advert makes specific reference to that production, so was probably not used elsewhere, at least not exactly in this form. We therefore feel totally justified in calling the advert ultra-obscure.


The programme itself does not carry a date, but it undoubtedly dates from the mid-1950s, making it one of the oldest items in the Chandy Museum's collection.

Choose Chandy
westover programme

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