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Signs of the times - a vintage photo of a neon sign advertising Chandy discovered and more

With many thanks to Claire Sambrook for permission to use the photo from her Flickr account and to Sharon Thomas from Eberhardt Signs for finding out some additional information about it for us, we are proud to present the discovery of this vintage photo of a neon sign advertising Chandy.


As can be seen from the picture the neon sign was mounted on a boat. It was used for a promotion along the Solent (South Coast). The sign was manufactured by Eberhardt Signs Ltd of Portsmouth in the 1950s and was alas dismantled years ago. (We did suggest we might be willing to buy the sign for the Chandy Museum, in the unlikely event it still existed!)

Also whilst we’re on the subject of vintage photos featuring Chandy advertising, with many thanks to Rod Smith for permission to use the photo from his Flickr account, we are pleased to be able to include this photo here which includes two banners advertising Chandy ‘the finest thirst quencher’. (See detail from the picture below.)


Little is known about the photo other than it was taken at a vintage vehicle rally in Brighton. From the look of the clothes worn by the pedestrians (rather than the trucks which were vintage at the time the photo was taken) and the Chandy slogan used on the banners, the photo would appear to date from the early or mid-1960s.


Of course it goes without saying that if you can tell us any more about the Chandy advertising in either of the photos on this page, or have any vintage photos featuring Chandy advertising yourself, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us

Chandy Neon sign
Vintage vans with Chandy banners
Chandy banners - detail

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