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Early-1960s 'Fast-moving Chandy' sales leaflet

The four copies of the early-1960s Chandy sales leaflet that you see here were a new acquisition for the museum in September 2016.


The leaflet was clearly aimed at the trade rather than retail customers and covers various, at times unlikely, reasons why publicans might be well advised to stock Chandy. Apparently, according to the leaflet, Chandy is 'an amazing drink', beloved of 'all kinds of people from every walk of life', 'thirsty drivers', 'young people' and, of course, 'the ladies'. Also, it tells us 'Make mine a Chandy' was a familiar expression of the day - we wonder about that!


We estimate the leaflet to date from around 1963. It's a single folded-sheet measuring 18 by 11cm when folded, which tells us a couple of things we didn't know before - the trade price of Chandy at the time (five shilings and three pence per dozen bottles including purchase tax, if you're wondering) and the fact that it was distributed by Brearleys Table Waters of Stratford-on-Avon (who, our research tells us, are alas no longer trading).


The entire leaflet including all its hyperbole is reproduced for your enjoyment in the gallery below on this page (click on any of the images to enlarge then use the left and right arrows to scroll through the gallery). We especially like the supposedly meaningful sales graph which has no sales figures(!) and we love its depiction of the Chandy lion riding a rocket. And as for that bizarre depiction of Chandy bottles with women's heads on them ...!?

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