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Chandy - The Peter Osgood connection!

Up until 2015 we had only ever seen one Chandy leather tankard, but in late 2015 we acquired a second one that is very special indeed. This newly acquired Chandy leather tankard is special not just because it has a brass insert that wasn’t present in our other one (things like that excite us!), but because it has a dedication inscribed on it to the late Chelsea and England footballing star, Peter Osgood.


We’ve no reason to doubt the authenticity of this dedication and we therefore believe ourselves to be the proud owners of a Chandy leather tankard that was in the 1960s or 1970s once presented to and owned by Peter Osgood, also known as Ossie and/or The King of Stamford Bridge.


The dedication reads, as far as we can make out: "To Peter Osgood with best wishes for the future & thanks for coming. Bill Stockall[?]"

It’s not known at what event this was presented to Peter Osgood, or whether he was partial himself to a drop of Chandy! If anyone can shed any more light on the history of this item or who Bill Stockall is or was, then we’d love to hear from you. Contact us

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