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Chandy ephemera and ultra-rarities

We also have the following items of Chandy ephemera, which don’t fit in to any of the other categories we’ve used, and a couple of which are particularly rare.

One of our real rarities is this Chandy promotional notepad (pictured on the left with one of our baby Chandy lions). We've never seen another one of these. The address and phone number format (see detail below) date it to the early 1970s and we think it was probably produced to coincide with the Chandy Bottling Company's change of address from Chiswell Street, London E.C.1 to Albany Road, Camberwell, London S.E.5.  


The Eight Clubs’ 22nd Annual Race meeting at Silverstone on 22nd May 1971 was sponsored by Chandy. We have a copy of the official programme, which features an advert for Chandy on the reverse (it was available on sale at all bars and kiosks) and on the inside front and back covers some details about other sporting events sponsored by Chandy – “where the action is”. You can view these pages (which are the only ones in the programme with Chandy content)  by clicking on the images in the gallery immediately  below.

fssc sticker





Another one of the real rarities in our collection is this large (205mm diameter) unused self-adhesive promotional Chandy sticker from the early 1970s. We've never seen another one of these and are not aware of any other examples having survived unused.


It's pictured on the left next to a beer mat of the same design in order to illustrate its size.



relay race

The 750 Motor Club's 6-Hour Relay Race event held at the Thruxton circuit in Hampshire on 13th August 1972 was sponsored by Chandy. We have a copy of the official programme, which features an advert for Chandy on the reverse and a Chandy special offer on the inside front cover. You can view these pages by clicking on the images in the gallery immediately  below.

Update May 2017


Update July 2017

Here’s a curious item that’s added here on this page because we’re not sure if it really is a Chandy item. It’s a small metal and enamel pin badge of unknown vintage depicting a cartoon lion holding aloft a banner that reads ‘WHITBREAD’, and with a pendant round his neck with the letter ‘C’ on it.


Why we think he might be a Chandy lion:

Whitbread were the company behind the Chandy brand.

Chandy was advertised with various cartoon lion images (albeit not one that looks exactly like this badge).

The lion on the badge has similar colouring to Chandy lions (yellow fur, reddish mane and tuft at the end of his tail).

The ‘C’ around his neck might stand for ‘Chandy’.


Why we think he might not be a Chandy lion:

The big reason: If the badge is advertising Chandy, why doesn’t it say ‘Chandy’? Surely that would be the first thing it ought to do.

He doesn’t look exactly like any known Chandy lion images

He doesn’t perhaps look old enough. To be a genuine Chandy-promoting item, the badge would need to date back to 1974/5 at the latest, when the Chandy brand was withdrawn.


The truth is we really don’t know. So, if you can answer the question decisively one way or another, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us. 

If he is confirmed as a Chandy lion, we’ll give him a new page of his own. If he’s confirmed as not being a Chandy lion, we’ll relegate him to more of a footnote.

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As we now have a number of them, the Chandy van pictures which used to be included here on the Chandy ephemera page can now be found on their own dedicated Chandy van pictures page here.

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