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Chandy leather tankards


These literally pint-sized tankards were undoubtedly produced as premium promotional items during Chandy’s lifetime, but exactly when and in what quantities we’ve no way of knowing.


The only manufacturer's/promotional markings they carry are the Chandy logo itself and the words ‘REAL HIDE MADE IN ENGLAND’ blind embossed on the base.


Although this isn't clear from some of the photos below, the tankards are broader at the base than the top, apparently making them slightly Tudor in style. (We found a leather tankards fact page on the internet here!)


One of the tankards we have has a brass insert, but we don't know for certain if all of them originally came with those inserts. If you can tell us anything more about these Chandy leather tankards, then we’d love to hear from you.


Update October 2016


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Up until 2015, we had only ever seen one of these very rare Chandy leather tankards, but in late 2015 we acquired a second one with a very special connection that you can read about here.

We're delighted to have heard from Mike Cribley who tells us his family also have a Chandy leather tankard. It comes from his father-in-law who worked for many years for Whitbread. Mike has sent us these photos of his family's tankard, which we're pleased to feature here as an update on this page. The tankard has an insert similar to our Peter Osgood tankard (see here), but unlike the tankards we have in the museum, it has the word 'Chandy' in silver as opposed to gold like ours.    

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